First transatlantic cable system.The Pacific Ocean. Polygamy. Bill of Rights. Mars. Sequoia. Algeria

In 1513 The Pacific Ocean was discovered by Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa. The discovery took place when he crossed the Isthmus of Panama.
He first named the body of water The South Sea, and he was the first European to see it.
The Pacific Ocean got its present name from the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He called the ocean “ mar pacific ”, which meant peaceful sea.

The pressure at the bottom is an incredible 8,000 psi, and would crush a human instantly.
An interesting fact is that more people have landed on the Moon, than have explored the deepest depths of the ocean.

There are more than 25,000 islands in the Pacific.
The Pacific Ocean shrinks by one inch every year, because of the movement of the tectonic plates.
This also makes it the home to 75% of the World’s Volcanoes.
In 2014, Underwater Volcanoes Were Spotted Erupting from the Air in the Pacific

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Experts estimate that the Pacific Ocean holds about 20 million tonnes of gold. This quantity is diluted throughout it’s volume.

Shark proof cables are laid all over the Pacific’s ocean floor. The telecommunications cables are used for the internet and other electronic communications technology, all over the world.
You might be using one right now, while watching this Wizemy episode.

In 1789 The first U.S. Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution. Ten of the amendments became the Bill of Rights.

In 1890, Mormon President Wilford Woodruff issued a Manifesto in which the practice of polygamy was renounced.

In 1956, A transatlantic telephone-cable system began operation between New found land and Scotland.
The Chairman of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company A.T. and T. ,in New York, used the new connection to speak with the Postmaster General of Britain, in London.
Telegraph cables had successfully carried transatlantic messages since the 1850s, but voice signals could not travel across the ocean on that link.


In 1992 NASA launched the Mars Observer.
The robotic space probe’s main goal was to study Mars but, unfortunately, a year later, all communications with it were lost.

In 1962 The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is officially created. Algeria is the largest country in Africa.

In 1890 Sequoia National Park was established by the United States Congress.
The park, which is situated in the state of California is famous for its giant sequoia trees.
The General Sherman tree is the largest tree on the planet, by volume.
It has a height of 83.8 meters and an estimated age of 2700 years.


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