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In 1870 The Papal States came under the control of Italian troops, leading to the unification of Italy.
The Papal States were a series of territories under the direct sovereign rule of the pope.
The Italian Army reached the Aurelian Walls the day before and placed Rome under a state of siege.
Although the pope’s tiny army was could not defend the city, Pius IX ordered it to put up resistance to emphasize that Rome was conquered by force and not consent.
The pope lost Lazio and Rome and had no physical territory at all beside Basilica of St Peter and the papal residence, around the Vatican quarter.

In 1904 Wilbur Wright Makes the First Circular Flight in 1 minute and 16 seconds on the Wright Flyer II.
Wright and his brother, Orville, are credited for inventing the first airplane.
The Wright brothers were also the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed-wing flight possible.
The brothers’ breakthrough was the invention of three-axis control system, that allowed them to steer the aircraft effectively.

In 1946 The first Cannes Film Festival premiered.
The original premier was delayed since 1939 because of the World War II.
Twenty-one countries presented their films, many of them being about war.
The festival took place at the former Casino of Cannes.

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It was not an easy task as the reels of Hitchcock’s Notorious were shown in reverse order, and The Three Musketeers was projected upside-down.

In 1992 French voters approved the Maastricht Treaty.
The treaty signed by 12 countries at Maastricht, The Netherlands, founded the European Union.
It laid the foundations for the euro , a common currency that was first proposed in the early 1960s by the European Commission.
The criteria that countries had to meet to join the euro were: inflation,levels of public debt,interest rates,exchange rate.

In 2001 American President, George W. Bush Declares War on Terror in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in the United States.
The targets of the campaign are primarily Sunni Islamic fundamentalist armed groups .
Criticism of the war on terror focused on its morality, efficiency, and cost.
U.S. President Barack Obama announced in May 2013 that the Global War on Terror was over.


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